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Wynn sues dice sliders for cheating casino out of $700,000

Dice sliders
It is an embarrassment to Nevada that Gaming does the dirty work for Wynn. Obviously Wynn had a freeroll. If the alleged "cheaters" lost, the casino would keep the money. If the "cheaters" won, the casino would corrupt the regulatory enforcement and legal systems to try to get the money back. Let's hope the filing deputy in the DA's office has integrity, and rejects this ridiculous attempt by Wynn to manipulate the system again. Wynn's system-corrupting antics go back to the 1980's, when at his behest Gaming agents arrested Dalben and Einbinder for simply using their eyes playing against an incompetent dealer. Incompetent dealers do not equal "cheating" by alert patrons. Shame, shame, shame on Wynn and on the Gaming Control Board.
(October 05, 2011 ~ 12:35 PM)
By Al Rogers
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