About WGPC

Casino Conference

The World Game Protection Conference (WGPC) connects casino surveillance, gaming managers, asset protection professionals and regulators from around the world. The event examines current and emerging threats to casino entertainment complexes and explores opportunities and practices to combat those threats.

Who Should Attend

People who are responsible for observing, detecting, investigating, reporting or acting on undesirable activity in a casino.

Our Mission: Best Practices

The organizers of the show strive to bring educational content to key employees that seek a deeper understanding of how to operate and protect a casino in today’s ever-changing business and social environment. We believe that the continued success and reputation of the casino industry is dependent on continued education, sharing information and the convergence of capabilities. We are passionate about new ideas, solutions, finding a better way and bringing a community of like-minded souls together to engage in topics of the day and help keep our industry strong.

The True Power of Conferences

Genuine progress is made by bringing people with a common cause together and uniting them behind a clear and compelling purpose. Conferences often bring people with different perspectives together to debate key issues, which in turn generates new ideas and innovations. By taking delegates away from every day distractions, conferences enable deeper, more focused learning. Conferences also provide a means for professionals to widen their network and build friendships with people who can provide future support.

The Organizers

The WGPC is owned and organized by World Game Protection Inc, a company started by Willy Allison in 2005. Willy is a casino guy who started in the industry in 1987 as a surveillance operator. His career progressed into various surveillance management roles that allowed him to experience and take advantage of opportunities in an expanding global industry. Over a 15 year casino operations career, Willy worked in Australia, Asia, South America and the U.S.A. Realizing there was a need for an annual event that focused specifically on casino game protection and surveillance, he founded the WGPC and it made it’s debut in February 2006.

Willy Allison
Chief Education Officer

Jo Allison
Chief Organization Officer

Kaye Polivka
Chief Karma Officer

WGPC (2006-present)