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Casino Challenge

Know the games?

Take our quiz. 3 minutes to answer 20 randomly generated questions. 1 point for a right answer, -1 for a wrong answer. Get the monthly HIGH SCORE and win a full conference pass to the next WGPC! Monthly winners will be emailed and posted on Twitter @WillyJAllison

  • Rule #1 – Competition open to casino employees only.
  • Rule #2 – Monthly Challenge ends/starts at 5pm (PST) on the 21st of each month.
  • Rule #3 – Winners are notified via email and must provide evidence they are a casino employee.
  • Rule #4 – If high scores are tied at the end of the month the player with the shortest time wins.
  • Rule #5 – Conference pass is non-transferrable. Limit one prize per person, per show.
  • Rule #6 – Participants that don’t give their full names are not eligible to win a conference pass.

Note: Blackjack basic strategy 4-8 decks, dealer stand on soft 17