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The Casino Challenge

The Casino Challenge is a 3-minute electronic quiz consisting of 20 randomly generated questions. The quiz tests knowledge and skills of the big four casino games: blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps. Participants get 1 point for a correct answer and lose a point for a wrong answer. Try the quiz. You could win a free conference pass to the WGPC.

Participants should be prepared to answer questions on the following:

WIN a pass to WGPC!

  • Roulette picture bets
  • Baccarat commissions
  • Baccarat third card rule
  • Blackjack basic strategy
  • Blackjack card counting
  • Craps payouts

The Casino Challenge (at the WGPC) – WIN a MacBook Air!

The Casino Challenge will be administered one-on-one in a closed off area on the last day of the conference.  Final scores are emailed to the participant immediately after the test, along with their completion time. All participants that score 16 and above will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Participants who post the 8 best scores at the show are eligible to compete in the Final 8 competition. In the event of a tied score, the best time qualifies. The Final 8 will be held on the stage in the Expo meeting room at 4pm on the last day of the conference. Conference delegates are welcome to attend the competition and cheer along the competitors. The format of the Final 8 will be a knock-out playoff system: 8-4-2-1. All qualifiers for the Final 8 will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. The winner of the competition will receive a MacBook Air and be crowned the 2019 Casino Challenge Champion.

Catch of the Day

The Catch of the Day is a new competition that recognizes great work by a casino surveillance team catching a scam. The scam must involve cheating, theft or advantage play and must have taken place between 2000-2019.

This is how it works:

Scams must be submitted to WGPC by completing and emailing the attached incident report to [email protected] The report must be submitted by the Head of the Surveillance department. The cut-off date is February 8, 2019. At the WGPC all incident reports will be pinned to graffiti boards in the meeting room area for conference delegates to view. Incident reports will leave out who and where it came from and will be given a serial number with a time and meeting room the incident will be presented. On the last day of the conference a representative of the surveillance team who submitted the incident report will give a 10 minute presentation explaining the scam. The presenter will know ahead of time what time they are presenting. The presenter will have access to an AV system that will include a laptop hook-up with video/audio capabilities.The presenter can choose how they want to demonstrate and describe the scam. A three person ‘mystery committee’ will decide who is the winner of the Catch of the Day. They will attend presentations at their discretion based on how interesting the incident reports are and will make their decisions based on three things: 1) the presentation 2) audience interest and 3) the uniqueness of the scam. The winner will be announced at the end of the last day of the conference.

Best Presenter

We try hard to bring good presenters and teachers to the WGPC every year. We are always looking for presenters who are knowledgeable, interesting, engaging, contemporary and relevant to today’s casino environment. We would like to hear your feedback and we know our speakers would like to hear it too. To that end we’ll be running an electronic survey at the WGPC to find out who were the presenters that delegates liked the best. The winner will be announced at the end of the last day of the conference.

Best New Product

The WGPC Expo provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their surveillance and security products to the casino industry. Delegates repeatedly tell us the two main reasons they attend the Expo is to see new products and connect with vendors. This year a ‘mystery committee’ will choose the best new product in the expo. Exhibitors are invited to submit a new product they are exhibiting that has never been exhibited at the WGPC. The winner will be announced in the Expo meeting room during the luncheon panel discussion on the last day.