I recently received some bad news from Dr. Larry Barton that he will not be able to teach at the upcoming WGPC 2022. Dr. Barton’s wife has cancer and unfortunately her condition has worsened. For now, all future engagements are off the table while they seek the best treatment possible. Our thoughts are with Dr. Barton and his wife during these difficult and trying times.

To fill the large void that Dr. Barton has left in our new CORE training program, I have asked Anthony Clark, a Surveillance Director and 25 year casino veteran to be the Risk Management Trainer. He told me it was an honor to be asked and enthusiastically agreed to join the CORE training team.

I consider Anthony (Tony) to be one of the countries leading Surveillance Directors with an emphasis on playing a key role in his organization’s risk management program. At the 2019 WGPC, Tony conducted a risk management class titled How Surveillance Can Reduce Risk and Save Casinos Millions. It was well received by attendees. One attendee commented that Tony covered subject matter that they deal with every day in Surveillance.

Tony is passionate about Surveillance’s role in a casino’s risk management strategy and plays a key role in his organization’s risk management committee. We have discussed the learning objectives of the 3-hour Risk Management CORE seminar and I am confident that Tony can bring his experience and passion, along with his unique casino surveillance view of operational risk, to deliver an engaging, contemporary and relevant educational experience to attendees.

Anthony Clark (new CORE Trainer)