Don’t know where to go to get real-world information on the latest threats to your casino business. Fuhgeddaboudit!

Where else can you be in the same room and learn from; an ex-mob boss who fixed games, ex-secret service agent who protected presidents, an international money laundering expert, a hacker who robs businesses for a living, the world’s most popular casino cheating expert, an NIST facial recognition scientist, the hall of fame ” bishop of blackjack’, a gambling expert who insures casino promotions and the director of a program that is leading the fight against human trafficking in casinos. That’s a rhetorical question.

The World Game Protection Conference is stacked with aces in February. Guest speakers from outside the casino industry have been invited to raise awareness in threats that exist and are emerging in our world. Some come with a warning, while others come to inspire to keep up the fight. They compliment a team of well-respected casino operational risk experts and teachers that have dedicated most, if not all their working lives to helping protect others. most of our teachers are lifetime students of their craft. They’ve seen a lot. They’ve done a lot.

Fun fact: WGPC 2022 speakers have written a total of 94 books (and a s***load of articles)

We love our lineup this year. How did we get there? Well, when putting the program together each year we take a ‘topic first’ approach. What represents the most risk to a casino operation today, what am I hearing is going on that may be a problem down the road and what needs to be reinforced. We then research and try to find the best person to speak on the specific subject. Sometimes it’s not easy. A lot of the stuff we cover is new or breaking and getting insiders to talk about it can be like card counting against a continuous shuffler. Some speakers are in such high demand it’s tough to work in with their scheduling demands. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get that special person that knows their stuff and is happy to share their knowledge and wisdom with World Game Nation. This is one of those years.

Speaking of topics, these are some of them featured on the big stage in 2022; sports betting, problem gambling, money laundering, digital economies, human trafficking, cyber threats, social engineering, cheating devices, card cheating, casino promotion scams, beating loss rebate programs, the science of facial recognition technology, microphones on table games and mental toughness. Who knows what topics will come up in the audience participation session hosted by a veteran casino operations vice president that we’re holding on the last day “What’s Everyone Doing?’ That discussion could fly out of the roulette wheel.

Topics + Experts = Kick-Ass program

Willy Doit Allison