We vant to pump you up!

CORE is a new training course at the World Game Protection Conference. It’s designed to give casino surveillance people and managers responsible for operational risk a basic understanding of what threats exist in a casino today and how they can mitigate the risk.

CORE stands for Casino Operational Risk Education.

The CORE program consists of eight three-hour seminars. 24 hours of high intensity casino specific multi-subject training in one course. I like to refer to it as the “Octagon”.

The eight seminars are conducted by highly regarded experts in their fields. They all know the casino business and work in roles that constantly expose them to to contemporary and ongoing threats. They’ve been chosen to be CORE teachers because they are constantly assessing risk and prioritizing their efforts to the signals, not the noise. They are giving up their busy schedules to share information and knowledge that can help casino people deal with real-world threats.

CORE training is conducted over one day. Four seminars in the morning. Four in the afternoon. Class sizes are restricted to provide an optimum learning experience. WGPC attendees will have to enroll in each seminar. First come, first served. When a seminar hits the max in numbers, attendees will have to choose from the other three available at the same time.

There’s a lot of training to digest in CORE. For individuals who want to go to every class, not to worry, we plan to run CORE every year. You can come back every year, the same seminars will be there. If you’re a casino property and you want to take it all in – send 4 people and take advantage of the discounted group rate for 4 or more.

The concept of CORE is not new. the idea comes from a successful program World Game Protection conducted back in 2008-2010 called the Surveillance Directors Academy (SDA). In partnership with the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) international Gaming Institute the program ran for three years but unfortunately the recession affected attendance so the SDA was abandoned. We’ve always had fond memories of ‘the academy’ so what we’ve done is taken some of the core subjects from that course and brought them back as CORE. What’s old is new again…only better.

Willy Doit Allison