Anthony Clark is the Surveillance Director for Soaring Eagle Casino Properties and Saginaw Chippewa Enterprises including the governmental, medical, educational properties and historical and retail properties. Tony got his start in the gaming industry over 25 years ago at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort as an emergency medical specialist. He then moved over to table games where he worked for two years before getting hired as an operator in surveillance, moving up the ranks from a surveillance operator to his current position. Tony is one of the countries leading surveillance directors, with an emphasis on the key role that surveillance plays in his organization’s risk management program. At the 2019 WGPC he presented the risk management class “How Surveillance Can Reduce Risk and Save Casinos Millions.”  Tony studied Criminal Justice and Corrections at Delta College and Criminal Justice and Safety Studies at Michigan State University. He has been featured in a number of articles in casino and security industry magazines.

CORE Training: Risk Management

Tony Clark will bring his 25 years of experience, a unique casino surveillance view of operational risk and a passion for the business to deliver an engaging, contemporary and relevant educational experience to CORE Training.  In this session Tony will explore risk management and crisis mitigation and the impact and resolution of a catastrophic event from liability and litigation to general and overall preparedness. Some of the topics covered will include: a) How to prepare for the inevitable and the plans you should have in place.  b) Best practices for when an incident occurs and the preparation and evidence chain needed for a rock solid case. c) How to actively prepare for an incident as a team and the communication factors required before, during and after a crisis arises.  d) How to protect your business from the public relations aftermath that will arise from a crisis event. As Tony reminds us, it’s not the factor of IF incidents will occur but WHEN.

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