Anthony Curtis is the most recognized and quoted Las Vegas expert in the world. He’s appeared on dozens of television programs and has been quoted by major periodicals around the world. Anthony moved to Las Vegas in 1978 shortly after he turned 21. As a young scuffler without much of a bankroll he had to rely on his gambling skills, street smarts, and casino promotions, loss leaders, and inadvertent largesse. In the process of taking advantage of every coupon, steak special, and drink discount in town he became an authority in navigating Vegas on the cheap. It didn’t take him long to realize that plenty of Las Vegas visitors and locals could profit from his expertise and advice. Thus, in 1983 the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter was born. Anthony has written over 400 issues of the monthly LVA, published more than 100 books and oversees the thousands of web pages on his website.


Milking Loss Vegas Rebates

In a fireside chat with Anthony Curtis Arnold Snyder talks about his recent book Radical Blackjack. Written a decade ago it was held back from print due to some of the discussed techniques still being actively used by professional players and Arnold didn’t wish to endanger the integrity of the plays. Arnold will talk about some of those techniques including how he milked the loss rebate programs from Las Vegas casinos and how he got casino employees to give him what he wanted.

Much more than a Las Vegas advisor
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