Dr. Larry Barton is a crisis management and threat assessment expert. He works with many of the world’s leading companies and institutions including over 140 members of the Fortune 500. Since 1990 he has helped clients respond to more than 3,400 critical incidents in the workplace. Dr. Barton holds an AB, magna cum laude in speech and communication, a MA in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) and a Ph.D. in international relations and public policy. He is a highly regarded speaker at The FBI Academy where he teaches courses in threat evaluation to federal and state law enforcement. Dr. Barton serves as the Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety at the University of Central Florida. The author of four best-selling books on crisis response, Dr. Barton’s work Crisis Leadership Now is used in over 340 training programs globally. 

CORE Training: Risk Management

Risk Management allows the property leadership team to anticipate accidents and incidents that can harm the people, financial condition and brand appeal of the casino. Anticipating accidents and incidents crosses the path of life: workplace violence, assaults on site and near the casino, food/sanitation/engineering gaps and failures, natural disasters, child and human trafficking incidents and accusations and power/IT outages and attacks are so profoundly different.
Led by the world’s #1 quoted crisis management expert, Dr. Larry Barton will explore the protocols that are established for each major category of risk and HOW the team can address them so that awareness is sharp and ongoing, all the way from the CEO and governing/regulatory body to the rank and file employees who are often the best defense at early detection and reporting of concerns.
Thought Leader
Preparing for the Unexpected