Jason E. Street has been previously described in the media as a “notorious” and “world-class hacker.” He prefers that people refer to him simply as a Hacker, Helper & Human. Jayson started in security and law enforcement over 30 years ago and has always strived to make things more secure. In the information security industry for over 20 years, he is the Vice President of InfoSec at SphereNY. Jayson has conducted successful social engineering engagements around the world and has robbed banks, hotels, government facilities, biochemical companies, etc. on five continents. The first book from his Dissecting the Hack series is used as course material at five colleges in three countries (that he knows of). He is the DEFCON Group Global Ambassador and has presented at DEF CON, DEFCON China and at various other ‘CONS. Jayson has spoken at numerous universities in the US and was a guest lecturer for ten years at the Beijing Institute of Technology. 


Hacker Striptease

This talk will consist of how Jayson E. Street works to be that bad experience in an employee and company’s day. Instead of a breach of private information, theft of trade secrets, destruction of property through undiscovered vulnerabilities or massive theft of company/private equipment and money, Jayson provides lessons and works with potential victims so they will be ready when a real criminal or attacker tries to attack them. He will walk you through how an attack can easily happen to you if you’re not prepared. We will see some of the tools and personas Jayson creates to infiltrate a company and exploit the companies own employees. Turning them from a dedicated worker to an insider threat in less than a minute all without them knowing what they have done was against themselves.  Now that Jayson has your attention, he’ll show you ways that you can defend yourself from these very real active criminals and help to turn your employees from potential targets to vital members of your Information Security team. The audience should walk away from this not just with better insight on the simplicity with which these attacks can occur but also with things they can do immediately with very little effort or cost put in place that will help better secure their environment and detect possible attacks in their network.

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You’d better be ready
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