Jeffrey Robinson is an international bestselling author of more than 30 books – including four major exposés on financial crime – and a recognized expert on money laundering and financial crime. Best known for his work The Laundrymen, Jeffrey introduced the general public to the subject of money laundering. Jeffrey was also the first to expose what he refers to as “the scam of bitcoin,” in his eBook, “BitCon – The Naked Truth About Bitcoin.” Jeffrey actively maintains his reputation as an expert on organized crime, dirty money, fraud and money laundering through books, television programs and speaking engagements around the world. Jeffrey has been labeled by the British Bankers’ Association as “the world’s most important financial crime author.”

Money Makes The World Go Underground

In this talk Jeffrey will define money laundering – the three stages, the origins of the term money laundering (it has nothing to do, as many people think, with Al Capone and laundromats) and why money laundering matters, especially in the casino business. He will touch on the effects of casinos going cashless and digital currencies like bitcoin. Jeffrey will also talk about the insidious nature of fraud and why people in the casino business are prone to fall for it (he will get into his theory of fraud being a two-way street crime), why casinos offer fraudsters such an easy target, his “back door” theory of crime (that everyone has cameras on the front door and far too many businesses neglect the back door), how he revised Donald Cressey’s famous “fraud triangle” to make it a fraud square, the story of the 18th century philosopher whose 300 year old theory will change the risk exposure of theft and fraud in every casino, and how to detect casino employees who will steal.

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