Jon Duffy is the Senior Vice President, Corporate Assurance & Regulatory Affairs at Genting Casinos UK. Jon is responsible for the Compliance, Security, Surveillance, Anti-Money Laundering and Safer Gambling Departments for Genting UK’s 30+ land based Casinos, GentingBet online and Authentic Gaming. He has worked at Genting UK since 2006 when they bought Stanley Leisure. His previous positions have included Head of Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer. Jon holds diplomas in both Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime prevention, is a member of the Audit Committee for Genting UK, a trustee of the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) and a member of the International Compliance Associations Global Practitioner Advisory board.


Why is Surveillance Still watching Silent Movies?

Casinos in the US spend millions of dollars on high-tech video surveillance systems to record table games but they don’t record sound. Despite the interactive nature of gambling, call bets, player disputes, occasional abuse of staff, attempts of social engineering and the constant threat of collusion between players and dealers, casinos rely on pictures to tell the whole story. Not content with having high-tech multi-million dollar surveillance systems with the sound turned off, there are a number of innovative casino organizations around the world that refuse to stay in the silent movie age and are utilizing technology to full capacity by turning up the volume.

In this talk, the Director of Corporate Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for Genting UK, Jon Duffy (oversees 44 casinos in the UK) explains the benefits of recording sound. He will give some real-life case studies where being able to listen and record conversations at the gaming tables has enabled his organization to combat threats and provide crucial evidence in resolving claims and disputes. Jon says “I don’t understand; if you can – why wouldn’t you?”

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