Michael Hochman is the Vice President of Casino Operations at Canterbury Park. Michael has been with Canterbury Park since 2000 and has served as the Vice President of Casino Operations since 2009.  He opened and managed the card room for the Suquamish Tribe in the Seattle area from 1996-2000 and worked in both poker and table games in Las Vegas from 1988-1996.  Michael sits on the board of directors for Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance, the Minnesota affiliate to the National Council on Problem Gambling.  When not doing work stuff Michael enjoys fine cigars, playing panguingue and spending time with his wife and daughters.


What’s Everyone Doing?

In this general session, Michael Hochman hosts an interactive 100 minute “huddle” where the audience is surveyed (using audience participation technology) on various questions about casino policies and practices. The session will explore casino floor/surveillance practices that have been around for years or have just been introduced in response to Covid and then ask the group – thumbs up or thumbs down. Old school or the way forward? Should they stay or go? We want to hear what you have to say.

Canterbury Park