Norman Beck is the Vice President of Claims and Security for SCA Promotions. Norman is also a world renowned magician, writer, TEDx talker and high level bridge player. Norman made his first wager at 14 for $2.00 and lost; his second at 16 for $37.00 and lost. This started him on his lifelong quest to learn about cons, swindles, and gambling; he never dreamed that it would become his job. Norman is in the promotional risk coverage business. For over 25 years Norman and SCA has bet more money than any one person in the world.  The smallest bet was 42 cents and the biggest was $1 billion. If you can imagine it, chances are he has bet on it. Norman is considered a paragnosis expert, meaning he has knowledge that cannot be obtained by normal means. In other words, he’s a man who KNOWS the odds and how to play them.

Taking the Risk of Cheating Out of Casino Promotions

Casino promotions are part and parcel of maintaining loyal customers, but they can also be the target of cheats and advantage players if they’re ill-conceived or not executed properly.  Norman Beck has many interesting real-world stories about the shenanigans that can go on in the promotion world. In this candid talk, Norman will talk about how he takes the risk out of promotions. Is the math right? Is the promotion safe and protectable from a cheating standpoint and is there any moral hazard or concern? His job is to not just spot a cheater but to systematically think of every conceivable way someone could unfairly rig the promotion.

TEDx Talk
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