Richard Turner is a phenomenon who creates, dazzles, entertains and motivates. He is regarded as the best card mechanic and among the best up-close magicians in the world. His talent, humor, poise, and eloquence have made him a highly sought-after stage entertainer and Fortune 500 motivational speaker.  In addition to being the world’s most skilled card shark, is a 6th degree karate black belt. Due to his remarkably delicate “feel” for individual playing cards, he has been the Touch Analyst for U.S. Playing Card Company. Richard is the subject of the acclaimed documentary  film DEALT that won the Audience Choice Award at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. But what makes all of Richard’s accomplishments truly incredible is that he is blind – and has been since childhood. 

Playing the Hand You’ve Been Dealt

Gaming experts and gamblers know and respect Richard Turner as a master card mechanic/manipulator. His unparalleled skill with a deck of cards has stirred and staggered audiences throughout the world. Richard has been featured on dozens of worldwide TV specials, an Oscar nominated film, documentaries, magazine cover stories, profiled in hard cover publications, newspapers features, and TV commercials. Playing the hand you’ve been dealt isn’t just a figure of speech for Richard Turner… it’s a way of life.

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