Sal Piacente is a cheating expert.  His interest in con games and scams began on the Brooklyn streets at a young age when his father taught him to protect himself from 3 card Monte hustlers. He started his casino career as a blackjack dealer, progressing to shift manager before becoming a game protection specialist in a position created especially for him by an international casino corporation.  Sal has parlayed his experience, skills, passion and knowledge of the various ways to cheat into a successful consulting and training business. He has demonstrated his amazing manual dexterity on a number of television shows, has authored several books and created and starred in his own DVDs. With an engaging and entertaining delivery style, Sal is often called upon to speak and lecture on casino scams and game protection around the world. 


Sal de Vices

Sal Piacente is a cheating expert who loves to teach with a flare for entertaining and engaging his students. He is the most popular game protection expert in the world and a television and YouTube personality. Sal is sought after by casinos across the globe to consult and conduct game protection seminars. In this exclusive lunch presentation Sal will show us the many ways in which table games can be beaten by devices.

Sal reviews card counting and scams from the movies (3M+ YouTube views)
What you should know about game protection, memory & sleight of hand
Gaming regulators bring in Sal the Hitman