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Michele Albo

Ex-Roulette Cheat

Michele Albo grew up in Southern Italy. He completed his education with a degree in business studies and did his national service in the Paratroop Regiment of the Italian Army. After his military service Michele moved to Amsterdam where he became a poker dealer in a gambling house run by fellow Italians. 

During one of his visits to an Amsterdam casino, Michele met a professional roulette cheater who asked him to join his team which operated in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Michele agreed and spent the 1980s traveling across Europe with his associates visiting casinos and putting into practice their skills at the roulette table.  In 2019 Michele co-authored and published L’ultima Puossette, a book about his experiences in the gambling world. The book is currently in the process of being translated from Italian to English.

Apart from his roulette cheating exploits, Michele later sold his share of a restaurant business he had started with an associate to open his own restaurant – Palladio. Today, Michele has a dedicated team running Palladio when he is not in Amsterdam leaving him ample time to visit members of his large family spread out across Europe and winter in the Dominican Republic.

A Glass of Vino with an Italian Roulette Cheat from the 80s
Michele Albo takes you back to the golden age of roulette cheating when the Italian past posting teams toured the world and reaped havoc in casinos. Michele, a member of one of those cheating teams, shares the specifics of how his team executed “the move,” the roles that each team member had and the keys to success. He’ll also share colorful stories and the highs and lows of being an international professional cheat on the road.

Ex-Roulette Cheat