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Mike Howard

Retired CSO for Microsoft Howard Consulting Services

Mike Howard is a former CIA operations officer who went on to lead Microsoft’s global security operations as Chief Security Officer (CSO) until his retirement in 2018. As CSO for Microsoft, Mike held global responsibility for operations, investigations, risk mitigation, crisis management, executive protection, security technology, strategy, intelligence, and employee awareness. He also led Microsoft’s development of interconnected Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs). Mike spent 22 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, finishing as a Chief of Station. During his CIA career he worked in the CIA’s Office of Security, served on the security staff of the Director of Central Intelligence and was special investigator for the Office of Inspector General. 

Mike holds a BS in criminal justice administration from San Jose State University with a minor in Sociology. As a security leader he has contributed to the field through key roles in numerous industry organizations and is highly regarded as a subject matter expert on security and leadership. Mike is on the Board of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation Board of Directors and is Co-Founder of the Michael and Janice Howard Foundation.  

Mike is passionate about mentoring the next generation of security leaders and has authored two best selling books: The Art of Ronin Leadership and The Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies.  

How to Become a Masterless Samurai – The Art of Ronin Leadership

Ronin in Japanese means “masterless samurai.” Ronin Leadership is about learning, growing and executing as a leader and eventually forging your own path and style of leadership. Becoming a masterless leader. In this engaging and informative session, Mike will walk you through his leadership experiences with the emphasis on “Continuous Improvement.” Mike will provide practical and actionable best practices and strategies for leaders at all levels to up their leadership game. Come prepared with questions and to engage with a world renowned leader who walks the walk and talks the talk.

Retired CSO for Microsoft Howard Consulting Services