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Shawnee Delaney

Insider Threat Expert CEO, Vaillance Group

Shawnee Delaney, a decorated Intelligence Officer (former spy) and licensed private investigator, is the founder and CEO of Vaillance Group.  Shawnee spent nearly a decade with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as a Clandestine Officer conducting Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations all over the world. She served four combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Case Officer and Detachment Chief and served as a Supervisory Branch Chief in Europe.

After leaving DIA, Shawnee supported the Department of Homeland Security in the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure and industrial control systems for the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team.

Shawnee has built Insider Threat programs for major Fortune 500 companies. She holds an M.A. in International Policy Studies with a Specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation, and a M.S. in Cyber Security. Shawnee has written articles or been cited on Insider Threat in numerous international publications.

The Changing Faces of Insider Threats: What it Means to Your Company and Why You Should Care
The gaming industry has a unique set of challenges and vulnerabilities, especially due to human risk. This presentation will provide an overview on what the term “insider threat” actually encompases, from unintentional acts to malicious acts and everything in between. It will provide details and cool case studies on fraud, sabotage, espionage, the Critical Pathway, and red flag indicators. In addition, this presentation will discuss how your company’s culture can affect insider threat, and how both spies and social engineers work similarly to target you and your employees to gain access to your organization’s most sensitive data.

Insider Threat Expert CEO, Vaillance Group