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Steven Bridges

Card Counter, YouTube Star

Steven Bridges is a magician and card counter from the UK. Having spent years uploading magic performances to YouTube, Steven built a decent sized audience online. In 2019, he decided to change direction and pursue a lifelong goal of learning to count cards.

Having watched movies and documentaries on card counting, Steven felt that there was something missing. Previous documentaries had focused on an established card counter or team. They would often glorify card counting, over-simplify the process, or just skip out huge parts of the card counting experience. Steven wanted to capture the nitty gritty, showcasing what it’s like for a total beginner to attempt to make it as a card counter.

Armed with a hidden camera and a DSLR, Steven took a 3 year hiatus from YouTube and performing to attempt to count cards. The result was a 12 part video series (and counting) showcasing the cold, hard reality of counting cards for a living. He captured the highs and lows, as well as recording every backoff. The series was an instant success, having been viewed nearly 10 million times since its publication on YouTube.

What We Can Learn From a Card Counter With a Concealed Camera
Steven Bridges shares some insights of what it’s actually like for card counters in 2022. Having experienced everything from police encounters to casinos refusing to pay out a blackjack, Steven has observed some clear patterns in casino behaviour that he believes are causing the casinos much more harm than they realise. Steven will be playing various clips from his backoffs and dissecting which backoffs went well and why. He’ll share his thoughts on how to de-escalate conflict which is a win-win for the casinos and the counters.

Card Counter, YouTube Star