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Terry Rich

Former CEO Iowa Lottery

Terry Rich is the retired President and CEO of the Iowa Lottery and also served as President of the North American Lottery Association. Terry headed the Iowa Lottery team that cracked the Hot Lotto fraud scandal, the largest lottery fraud in US history.

During the investigation, Terry oversaw day-to-day operations while considering long-term consequences, adapting quickly to change, and delivering on promises. For his efforts, he received the prestigious International Gambling Compliance Outstanding Achievement Award. Terry has authored two books: The $80 Billion Gamble and Dare to Dream, Dare to Act.

How a Rogue IT Security Director Rigged the Lottery & How He Got Caught
Your day’s going great…and then you get the unexpected call that a fraud may have occurred under your watch. Your decision and direction could affect jobs, your business and personal friendships. Terry Rich, former CEO of the Iowa Lottery and head of the team that cracked the Eddie Tipton lottery rigging scam will discuss the case and explore how established checks and balances (and a little luck) helped crack the largest lottery fraud in US history.

Former CEO Iowa Lottery