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WGPC 2018 Sponsor and Exhibitor List

World Game Protection Conference - Platinum Sponsorpelco




Pelco by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of IP-based video security systems, software and services ideal for any industry. With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Pelco has become a most sought-after supplier in the surveillance industry. With thousands of IP cameras to choose from, Pelco by Schneider Electric has the right network-based video surveillance camera for any lighting condition, environment, and application.

The Pelco brand of products includes a wide range of IP-based cameras, discreet camera domes and enclosures, video management systems, thermal imaging products, extreme environment systems and much more – all in the never-ending pursuit of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Contact: Sandra Lamonica   [email protected]
Platinum Sponsor – Booth 15  (10×10)

World Game Protection Conference - Gold Sponsor



Dallmeier is a world-leading provider of products for network-based video surveillance with more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality components and complete solutions for the CCTV/IP sector. Products include: Panomera our ground breaking multi focal sensor system, high definition cameras, recorders, intelligent video analysis, software, video management and more.

Dallmeier also offers complete systems with perfectly integrated components from a single source. All products are developed and manufactured on Dallmeier’s own production sites – made by Dallmeier, made in Germany – and meet the highest requirements in quality and reliability, which is confirmed again and again by independent international test centers, through numerous certifications and awards. Video over IP products and solutions from Dallmeier are used in many of the world’s largest casinos. Interfaces to Slot Data Systems, Electronic Card Shoe Readers, Point of Sale systems and much more are available to provide video verification of gaming specific occurrences. Employees specializing in game protection are available to discuss individual requirements or custom solutions.

Proud Gold Sponsor of the World Game Protection Conference. Stop by our booth to see the latest technology and speak with our experts.

Contact: Marcel Zangger    [email protected]
Gold Sponsor – Booth  L3  (20×20)
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World Game Protection Conference - Gold Sponsor



Synectics enterprise-class digital recording system with Synergy command and control software is the gaming industry’s fastest-growing surveillance solution. Unlimited cameras, motion picture quality video, efficient storage rates, multiple layers of failover, the most user-friendly interface available, and comprehensive management controls set Synectics apart.

Synectics open technology efficiently integrates to legacy third party matrices, PTZs, Access Control, POS and slot management systems for a total security and surveillance solution. Advanced integration of third-party systems to the Synergy video management software, enables a powerful array of video/data driven analysis tools referred to as Dataveillance. These tools allow operators to combine data events from multiple alarm and transactional systems and create customized situation management alarms designed to expose internal theft, computer fraud and cheat scams unique to casinos.

Contact: Mia Girard Rivera [email protected]
Gold Sponsor – Booth  L2  (20×20)

World Game Protection Conference - Silver Sponsor
NAV is an industry leader in security systems integration and video surveillance design. From analysis, system design and implementation through training and project management, NAV is fully committed to servicing our clients at every stage of the process. Our customer support continues after the sale with preventive maintenance, software support and more. All this helps to provide you with a security system with world-class performance at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

NAV, the national company that’s right in your neighborhood. Big enough to serve all our customers but small enough to respond quickly to your needs.

Contact: Dan Scroggins   [email protected]
Silver Sponsor – Booth L5  (20×20)
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World Game Protection Conference - Silver SponsorTSI



TSI is one of the largest system integrators in the casino market. Over the past ten years, we have established a solid reputation as the premier solutions and services provider for the gaming market. We specialize in the custom design and installation of advanced Surveillance, Security, Access Control, Audio and Life Safety Systems.

TSI offers top of the line components and installation services, combining the latest system technologies to monitor and safeguard your facility(s).

Contact: Edita Swankosky [email protected]
Silver Sponsor – Booth L4  (20×20)

Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform – delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets.

Contact: Tammy DesRosiers [email protected]
Booth L6 (10×20)


BCDVideo is founded on the premise of providing enterprise IP video server and storage solutions, purpose-built for your project. BCDVideo offers award-winning products including video servers, client viewing stations, and networking to the security market.

Contact: Tom Larson [email protected]
Booth 35  (10×10)


Bosch Security Systems has decades of experience protecting the gaming industry. With fully integrated video surveillance, access control and intrusion, Bosch has simple solutions for the complex gaming security market.

For more than 125 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability. We are there for our customers during all crucial phases of a project: before, during and after the sale.

Contact: Tom Kochenberger [email protected]
Booth L1  (10×20)

Founded in the Gaming Industry, CIP Reporting understands the vast diversity between departments and the need to maintain privacy and isolation. Offering unique solutions for Commission, Compliance, Licensing, Surveillance and Security Departments to name a few, CIP Reporting creates solutions bolted directly to the departments organizational chart, workflow, and reporting processes. There is no longer a need to make your reporting process fit into off the shelf software with predetermined uses.

One Software. Unlimited Capabilities.

Contact: Devon Frazier [email protected]
Booth 1-2  (10×20)


Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology for enterprise and government customers around the world. Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec offers products for facial image database search, video screening and analytics, and border control.

The FaceVACS-VideoScan product detects people’s faces in live video streams and uses facial analysis to count and track individuals, generate demographical information, find frequent visitors and detect crowds. The software also compares faces to image databases and identifies known individuals. Casino staff can react in real time to greet important visitors or to stop banned persons from entering.

Contact: Elke Oberg  [email protected]
Booth 22-23  (10×20)


Concept Seating is a line of ergonomic intensive use chairs that are used widely in call and dispatch centers across the country.

Contact: Jeff Greger [email protected]
Booth 33  (10×10)

Covalent Technologies specializes in surveillance and security integration within the gaming industry. Our focused expertise in design and implementation of enterprise grade surveillance systems provides our customers with the highest quality customized solutions.

Contact: Kevin Cheesman [email protected]
Booth 31 (10×10)

Crotega’s Interior Threat Suppression System is designed to deter, disrupt, and delay active killers and other threats inside of buildings. Crotega’s innovative, patented system changes surveillance into an actionable rapid disruptor; virtually immobilizing the perpetrator until In-House Responders or law enforcement arrives. Where there is a ceiling, Crotega can protect.

Contact: Jody Allen Crowe [email protected]
Booth 8 (10×10)

From the network, fiber, storage and cameras, ECI Systems can design, install and service every aspect of a surveillance system. With installations of 100 cameras to 1400 cameras throughout the US, ECI is the proven and recommended company for casino integrated systems.

Contact: Chuck Hale  [email protected]
Booth 5-6  (10×20)

FaceFirst’s patented face recognition platform for casinos is designed to be scalable, fast and accurate while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy. We identify unwanted guests and VIPs and send real time match alerts to authorized personnel. FaceFirst is designed, developed & supported in the USA.

Contact: William Tyree  [email protected]
Booth 29 (10×10)


Hanwha Techwin America is the U.S. subsidiary of Hanwha Techwin, a South Korean based company. Hanwha Techwin is a leading global supplier of comprehensive video surveillance solutions including IP cameras with intelligent analytics, powerful management software, and cost-efficient storage devices built-on pioneering optical design, manufacturing and image processing technologies.

Contact: Kevin McKay  [email protected]
Booth 26 (10×10)

Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products.

Contact: Yolanda Villasenor  [email protected]
Booth 24 (10×10)


Celebrating over 30 years of innovation, IKS is a privately-held premier systems integrator in the gaming market.  Founded and managed by veteran security industry experts, IKS specializes in Enterprise level video surveillance and access control systems servicing some of the top gaming clients in the world.  Our system design philosophy merges traditional department operational goals with advanced security technologies to provide the best, customized, solutions for our clients.

More than just a security systems integrator, IKS offers a full suite of services including end-to-end solutions for transforming open-source Web information into Actionable Intelligence to allow gaming investigators to enhance and expedite investigations.

Contact: Melissa Marcella  [email protected]
Booth 11-12  (10×20)


IndigoVision is a leading manufacturer of IP video security solutions. Working across 20 market sectors, we strive to improve operational efficiency and enhance public safety. We provide support from 15 regional centres including New Jersey, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Dubai, London and Edinburgh, with staff in 30 countries and some 500 trained system integrators.

Contact: Jeff Swanson [email protected]
Booth 20  (10×10)

Intraworks designs, installs, and services smart security, life safety, and energy systems for government, commercial, and enterprise organizations across the Western United States. Intraworks is an expert in the specific challenges and requirements of the Game Protection industry, providing integrated solutions in surveillance, next-generation facial recognition, and advanced shooter defense and mitigation technology.

Contact: Austin Bharadwaja [email protected]
Booth 36 (10×10)

Our newly patented system detects chemical markings applied to the surface of playing cards that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Our UVIR test system incorporates the most advanced technology to instantly detect ultraviolet fluorescence, visible spectrum filtering and near infrared luminescence.

Contact: Mladen Blazevic [email protected]
Booth 30 (10×10)


Johnson Controls’ Building Technologies & Solutions is making the world safer, smarter and more sustainable – one building at a time. Our technology portfolio integrates every aspect of a building – whether security systems, energy management, fire suppression or HVACR – to ensure that we exceed customer expectations at all times. We operate in more than 150 countries through our unmatched network of branches and distribution channels, helping building owners, operators, engineers and contractors enhance the full lifecycle of any facility. Our arsenal of brands includes some of the most trusted names in the industry, such as Tyco®, YORK®, Metasys®, Ruskin®, Frick®, PENN®, Sabroe®, Simplex® and Grinnell®. Follow @JCI_Buildings on Twitter.

Contact: Larry Wanvig [email protected]
Booth 3-4  (10×20)

Kodee Software was created with a vision to empower people to be more creative and energized at work, as it should be in a thriving environment.  We want to help companies transform their work day, unlocking their true potential. This core value shines through in our Security & Surveillance Report Writing software.

Contact: EJ Egghart  [email protected]
Booth 28 (10×10)

With nearly 20 yrs. in business, Mirasys has been a consistent force in the video surveillance industry as a leading VMS. With an undeviated focus on software development, our products have become more reliable, powerful, and easier to use than ever before. The foundation and heart of Mirasys can be summed up with 3 words: Easy, Open, & Secure.

Contact:  Carl Raubenheimer [email protected]
Booth 27 (10×10)

NEC’s NeoFace Watch is a high-performance face recognition platform for real-time monitoring of surveillance video and for post-event forensic investigations. NeoFace Watch helps secure spaces where people congregate by checking individuals appearing in surveillance video against watchlists containing persons of concern and producing real-time alerts to security and enforcement staff.

Contact: Eric Hess  [email protected]
Booth 9 (10×10)

NVT Phybridge is the leader in long reach PoE (Power over Ethernet), making IP connections in far places simple. Our CHARIoT series of long reach switches help our customers migrate to an IP-based network, transforming the existing or new infrastructure into an IP path with power.

We are a North American based technology company with global reach dedicated to practical innovation. Our number one priority is bringing solutions to market that are technologically advanced as well as practical for the end-user.

Contact: Brian Echtenkamp   [email protected]
Booth 13-14 (10×20)

Omnigo Software, previously iView Systems, is a leading provider of public safety management solutions. Our mission is to “Ensure Safer Tomorrows.” We do this for over 2000 customers in over 20 countries world-wide. Our service portfolio includes iTrak, a single, centralized, end-to-end solution for Security, Surveillance, Loss Prevention, Safety and Risk Management transactions.

Contact: Bettina Martinez  [email protected]
Booth 21  (10×10)


Oncam is part of Oncam Technologies and was founded in 2007. Oncam is an independent, specialized IP video and technology company with a reputation for being one of the most innovative firms in today’s market. Oncam designs, delivers and deploys IP video solutions – working with partners to deliver high-value business solutions for customers, that leverage Oncam’s award-winning 360-degree cameras and other technologies.

Contact: Mark Roy  [email protected]
Booth 7  (10×10)

Orion Security Solutions (OSS) is an elite casino security integration and IT security company.  OSS experts gained their experience from assessing, designing, integrating, and installing high quality security and surveillance solutions in U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and military bases on 6 or the 7 continents.  OSS has quickly become the integrator of choice for providing elite security, surveillance, and IT security.

OSS has a staff of experts with comprehensive knowledge and experience implementing security technology from simple to complex scenarios.  Whether you need an integrated or stand-alone system, Orion Security Solutions will ensure that your needs are satisfied with our cost effective security solutions.  Visit us today at www.orionsecuritysolutions.com.

Contact: Greg Vance  [email protected]
Booth 17-18  (10×20)

Patriot One Technologies has developed PATSCAN™ a first-of-its-kind Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system to combat active shooter threats before they occur. Designed for cost-effective deployment in weapon-restricted buildings and facilities, the Patriot One software solution and related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises.

Contact: Paul Borselli [email protected]
Booth 16 (10×10)

Pivot3’s enterprise-class video surveillance solutions deliver software-defined SAN storage and server infrastructure in cost-effective, off-the-shelf server hardware. Purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads, Pivot3 delivers the highest levels of performance, resiliency and availability to eliminate data loss, unplanned downtime and dropped frames.

Contact: Katie Anderson  [email protected]
Booth 25 (10×10)
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Reliable Security 1

Reliable Security, a full service consulting and design build corporation, is a leader in design and installation of IP based surveillance and security systems. Reliable offers design expertise in surveillance and security issues and is experienced in low voltage systems including Network Enabled Audio Visual, music, paging systems, digital signage and CATV systems.

Contact: Bill Miller  [email protected]
Booth 19  (10×10)

As the world leader in gunshot detection, SDS is focused on saving lives with proven technologies designed by the world’s foremost scientists. Developed in conjunction with DARPA and a leading defense contractor, SDS’ gunshot detection systems utilize the most advanced and proven shooter detection technologies available in the commercial market.

Contact: Doug Tompkins [email protected]
Booth 37 (10×10)

SSI is committed to providing “the best possible customer experience” in every facet of business, from everyday product purchases to enterprise level installations. Based in Rocklin, California’s Allegiant Giving Center, SSI’s favored nonprofit empowers and supports veterans with a focus on supporting today’s heroes and empowering tomorrow’s leaders.

Contact: Alexia Marable  [email protected]
Booth 34  (10×10)
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Xybix provides height-adjustable casino security surveillance furniture with innovative large monitor technology and ergonomic accessories.

Contact: Kenneth Carson [email protected]
Booth 32  (10×10)