I have to blogsay I am soooooo looking forward to catching up with old and new friends at our comeback show at the Tropicana in February. This Covid stuff has taken its toll. But enough said. I will not use the C-word again.

The overall feeling I get from my casino brothers and sisters is they just want to move on. That’s exactly what we’re going to do at WGPC 2022. It will have been 3 years since our last show in March 2019. Jo and I feel a little rusty – but we’re excited as a card counter with a plus-10 true count! We’re all in! At times it has been lonely but thankfully I have many friends in the biz that have been there for us. We are both grateful for their support.

During our forced hiatus (a phrase I never thought I would ever use) I have thought about the direction the casino biz is going. We are growing fast but not as fast as the general gambling business. Sports betting and online casinos has gone through the roof. I’m not sure where it’s all going but when it comes to casino operational risk, I tend to agree with the great philosophizer the Notorious B.I.G. “mo money, mo problems.” But I ain’t complaining…no, no, no.

The question for me is are we equipped with the knowledge to deal with the inevitable shift to all things digital. The devil on my should says hell to the no. The angel on my other shoulder says of course we can William – we just need to want to learn and adapt.

The World Game Protection Conference (Part 2) is expanding its scope to target threats, vulnerabilities and risk to the entire casino operation. We’re a game protection-first conference but moving forward we want to become more risk-based and raise awareness of real threats to casino operations.

Ask me about our 2022 program and I’m going to get dizzy over some of the speakers we’ve lined up but what I’m really pumped up about is CORE Training: CORE is a new training component we’ve added to the show. I realized that there is not a casino operational risk training program out there that is designed specifically for surveillance people. CORE (Casino Operational Risk Education)  covers 8 topics I feel surveillance people should have a good understanding and knowledge about in the 2020’s. The topics should be of interest to other risk-related department managers as well. We’ve assembled a team of specialists in their field to teach a 3-hour class on each topic. the 8 X 3hour seminars “The Octagon” will be held in one day (Tuesday Feb 15) – 4 x 3hr seminars in morning, 4 x 3hr seminars in afternoon (total = 24 hours operational risk training) My goal is to have CORE Training at the WGPC every year.

There’s lots of other cool show stuff to talk about which I’ll cover in future blogs.

The band is back together, the dates are set…we can’t wait to see WGPC Nation!

Willy Doit Allison