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Who can attend the World Game Protection Conference?

The WGPC is open to casino employees and casino regulatory agencies.

Who can attend the Expo?

WGPC delegates and registered exhibitors. The Expo is not open to the general public or non-exhibiting vendors.

When will you post the 2023 program?

We will post the final program in November 2022.

Can I get a single session or daily pass?

Single session tickets are not available. Expo Only tickets are available for admission to the exhibit show floor.

Is there a dress code for conference delegates?

Business casual.

Can I record or purchase a recording of any of the sessions?

No. Video or audio recording of any of the sessions is not permitted without the consent of the show organizers.

Who's invited to the Welcome Reception?

Conference delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Can I bring my spouse to the Welcome Reception?

Spouses of conference delegates and speakers are welcome to attend.

I am a vendor. Can I get a speaking spot at your show?

If you have a mind-blowing new product, idea, best practice or relevant study or analysis that would be of interest to our audience, contact Willy Allison to discuss. No sales pitches.

If I register as an exhibitor can I attend the conference sessions?

No. You must purchase a separate conference pass.

I am thinking about exhibiting at your show. Can I share a booth with another exhibitor?


Can I pass out flyers at the show?

No. In order to protect the significant investment of our registered exhibitors we do not allow “suitcasing” or solicitation of any kind at the show.

I'm a writer, journalist, blogger or influencer. How do I get a press pass?

Due to the sensitive nature of our content we don’t issue press passes. Only official WGPC media sponsors and approved media outlets are permitted.