2024 Speakers

Hasard Lee
Fighter Pilot
Dan Lohrmann
Cybersecurity Leader
R Paul Wilson
Con Expert
Christopher Hadnagy
Human Hacker
Mishaal Khan
Ethical Hacker
Kelly Paxton
Dishonesty Expert
Joseph Tartaro
Equipment Hacker
Earle G. Hall
Gaming Technologist
Ross Anderson
Sports Betting Protection
Dr. Eliot Jacobson
Mathematics Professor
Bill Zender
Table Games Guru
Sal Piacente
Cheating Expert
Willy Allison
Casino Riskologist
Mac Segal
Hotel Security
Megan Munoz
Darrell Clifton
Incident Report Writing
Darrin Hoke
Electronic Games
Kari Stout-Smith
General Manager/COO
David Norcutt
Surveillance Executive
Damian Phillips
Surveillance Executive
Richard O’Donnell
Surveillance Executive
Jessie Beaudoin
Surveillance Executive
Thomas Maier
Regulatory Auditor
Justin Arnett
VP Digital Gaming
Joshua Hammersley
Surveillance Manager
Misty D. Jordan
Gaming Controller
Bill Travitz
Information Technology
Renita DiStefano
Cyber Warrior
Buddy Frank
Gaming Authority/Historian

2024 Program

8:00-11:00 CORE TRAINING: Investigating Gaming Losses

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance, Table Games

(Table Games Managers) When there’s something strange…in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Sur-veil-lance! From time to time casinos get the bejeebies whacked out of them by a player. A fire is lit on the casino floor and the smoke rises to Surveillance. Investigating a major gaming loss on table games is a major responsibility that shines a light on the competence and knowledge within a surveillance operation.

In this class Bill Zender, a sought after gaming consultant, who has investigated table game losses of over $100M in his career, will reveal how he conducts a comprehensive review/evaluation in response to a large player win or a sustained game loss on blackjack, baccarat and alternative games (highlighting Mississippi Stud poker). Topics covered include: taking a systematic approach, checklists, information required from table game management, indicators something is not right, writing a professional report and how to explain (and convince) senior management that nothing untoward is going on.

  • Speakers:
  • Bill Zender
8:00-11:00 CORE TRAINING: Table Game Protection ALMOST FULL

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance, Table Games

If you want to know the secret of how to make yourself a lesser target for cheats, thieves and advantage players, quite frankly it’s easy – good management. This class is a 3-hour summary (from a veteran surveillance professional’s perspective) of the most common ways people have cheated, stolen and beaten casino table games over the last twenty years and what we have learned to better safeguard our games. Spoiler alert: he believes prevention is better than cure.

Willy doesn’t pull any rabbits in this class. He breaks it down to the brass tacks of protecting table games. You will learn that the biggest threat to the game is your own staff. You’ll see videos of common cheating methods as well as multi-million dollar scams. Other topics covered include: collusion, employee theft, advantage play, counterfeit chips, faulty equipment, flawed math and the use of computers to cheat the game.

  • Speakers:
  • Willy Allison
8:00-11:00 CORE TRAINING: Hotel Security

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance, Security, Risk Manager, Hotel Manager, General Manager

There is no one size fits all solution to hotel security. A comprehensive yet implementable security structure for an integrated entertainment resort complex is multi-faceted and requires creative thinking to achieve hospitality friendly yet effective security. 
Mac will delve into the various segments that make up hotel security and how they work together symbiotically to keep your guests, teams and assets safe. From simple fixes that are so easy to do but so many don’t implement to high tech solutions and the human element, we will address topics including but not limited to:

•threat landscape
•security audits and master plans
•current trends
•what works and what doesn’t
•preparing for emergencies
•policies & procedures

  • Speakers:
  • Mac Segal
8:00-11:00 CORE TRAINING: OSINT Investigations

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance, Investigations, anyone who searches for answers on a computer.
Bringing a laptop to class is preferred but is not a requirement of attendance. With other trainings, some people only have a cell phone or tablet and they work with it.

Module 1: Online Investigations and Open Source Primer

Every investigation involves, at some level, social media, and open source examinations. This introductory module examines the different types of open source and social media platforms and the language of this unique investigative world. In this introductory hands-on course, participants will learn the types, differences, and jargon of open source investigations. During the training, you will conduct open source research, driven by a case study. Upon completion, participants will be able to navigate the Internet and social media platforms for rudimentary online investigations as well as use time and resources more efficiently.

Module 2: Utilizing Advanced Google Searches
The ability to uncover information on the Internet is the primary skill of an investigator. The go-to resource for many is Google, yet not everyone knows how to utilize its full potential. This class expands your general knowledge of the search engine, making difficult searches more effective. In this intermediate to advanced hands-on class, participants will learn how to maximize Google searches, as we cover the basics, the hacks, and extra Google resources to create proper search strategies and run advanced Internet searches. Participants will also learn the expert tools of this common search application to make difficult searches more effective. Upon completion, participants will be able to hunt down deep web content, conduct advanced search strategies on Google, Bing, and other search engines, and use algorithms for surface finds and open source results.

  • Speakers:
  • Megan Munoz
11:00-1:00 Lunch Break


12:00-12:50 The Sal Report - Lunchtime Session

Sal Piacente is one of the most sought after game protection trainers in the world. Always on the road, he see’s a lot in his travels. In this special lunchtime session Sal talks and demonstrates things he’s seen recently that are interesting and maybe a little concerning from a game protection standpoint. He’ll give you the skinny on the latest scams he’s seen.

  • Speakers:
  • Sal Piacente
1:00-4:00 CORE TRAINING: Advanced Advantage Play

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Table Games, Surveillance

In a broad overview of advantage play, Dr. Jacobson will cover a range of methods APs are using to gain an edge over blackjack, baccarat, proprietary games and side bets. Covering methods like hole-carding, edge sorting, counting, sequencing, skilled cutting, top-carding, collusion and others, Dr. Jacobson will present up-to-date win-rates and strategies.

Drawing from his personal experience as an AP, Dr. Jacobson will share secrets APs use to maximize their winnings. Most importantly, Dr. Jacobson will cover what you need to know to identify APs using these methods and procedures to put in place to protect your casino against these vulnerabilities.

  • Speakers:
  • Dr. Eliot Jacobson
1:00-4:00 CORE TRAINING: Surveillance Management

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance Directors, Managers, Supervisors

A knowledgeable surveillance professional with strong leadership skills and the ability to manage an efficient high-performance department is an asset to any casino organization. But how does one become a good Surveillance Director? How does one set up a surveillance operation that casino executives can rely on and brag about?

This class taught by 36 year casino surveillance veteran Willy Allison explores his Four Pillars of Surveillance: people, operations, communication and information. Breaking each pillar down, detailing specific practices, students will learn how to take a structured approach to organizing and maintaining an efficient high performance operation. Topics covered include: recruitment, training, performance management, leadership, surveillance equipment, information systems, monitor room procedures, new technologies, effective communication, customer service and global best practices.

  • Speakers:
  • Willy Allison
1:00-4:00 CORE TRAINING: Report Writing

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance, Security and anyone who writes incident reports

The importance of the written word cannot be overstated. A paragraph in a report can showcase our expertise or it could make us look like amateurs. Those same sentences may be the only memory we have of an incident a year later. They can win or lose a lawsuit, or a termination grievance. Yet, some of us do not take the process seriously or we run away from it in horror.

In this seminar we will show you proven methods to make your documents useful, complete, accurate and professional. Attendees will understand the permanence of their reports, how to prepare for a good report by gathering the right information and how to produce a written product that is simple to read yet provides everything needed to support the company.

Whether your documentation includes daily logs, audits, statements, or full-blown incident reports you need to present your information professionally. This class will not only help you produce reports that are above the industry standard, it will give you the tools to help your associates do the same. Whether new to report writing or an experienced veteran everyone will take away some new insight, shortcuts and resources.

  • Speakers:
  • Darrell Clifton
1:00-4:00 CORE TRAINING: Electronic Game Protection

Duration 3 hours
Who will benefit most from this seminar? Surveillance, Slots

There’s a reason why the G2E show floor is dominated by slot manufacturers. Slot machines make U.S. casinos the most money. In North America slot operations represents 75% – 85% of all gaming revenue. Yet, most casinos spend very little time monitoring or investigating the numerous vulnerabilities associated with these multi-layered and inner connected networks.
In this CORE seminar we will discuss the overall slot network design and then examine the areas that are the most susceptible to fraud and abuse. Specifically, we will discuss Players Club schemes, Slot Advantage Play, and Internal/External Fraud. In addition, we will discuss best practices, give insights, and provide solutions that should help you adapt and recognize most vulnerabilities in your slot operation. 

  • Speakers:
  • Darrin Hoke
4:30-6:30 Welcome Reception

Duration: 2 hours

Join us at the WGPC welcome reception in the Havana Room at the Tropicana. Our welcome reception is open to conference delegates, speakers, sponsors and registered exhibitors. Spouses of delegates and speakers are also welcome to attend.

Don’t forget to wear your WGPC badge for entry and throughout the event for networking.  If you haven’t picked up your badge yet, you can bring a copy of your registration for entry.


8:00-9:00 The Power of OSINT-Fueled Social Engineering

As an organization what information do you expose to a potential hacker or thief? How easy is it to persuade your employees to give away the keys to the kingdom? In this session you’ll get insight from a Certified Social Engineer Penetration Tester on how bad guys are combining Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques and Social Engineering skills to rob organizations blind. You’ll learn how people can publicly access information on the internet about your organization and see first-hand how social engineers get into the mind of your employees to persuade them to be an unwitting accomplice to crime.

  • Speakers:
  • Mishaal Khan
9:00-10:00 Cyber Mayday and the Day After

There has been a dramatic increase in major cybersecurity incidents affecting large, medium and small organizations in the public and private sectors over the past few years. From ransomware to data breaches, these disruptive incidents have raised the stakes for technology and security leaders. In this session Dan Lohrmann, the author of Cyber Mayday and the Day After: A Leader’s Guide to Preparing, Managing, and Recovering From Inevitable Business Disruption will talk about managing cyber emergencies, what the causes are for the increase, what action can government leaders take to prepare before, during and after an attack and what key lessons have been learned over recent years.

  • Speakers:
  • Dan Lohrmann
10:00-10:20 Take a Breather
10:20-11:10 Honestly Dishonest: A Fraud Examiner's Perspective

Why do good people make bad decisions? This ethics presentation will change your ideas of how honest people behave. Using behavioral economics (think Dan Ariely and Richard Thaler), neuroscience, anecdotes and real life examples, listen to how important tone at the top is and how it can affect your employees’ behaviors. This is not your regular boring ethics presentation.  Kelly won’t say “it depends!” In this session you will also learn how inexpensive or free tweaks may deter fraud, how people justify their behavior and look at themselves at the end of the day and how money can be replaced but trust is much more difficult to regain.

  • Speakers:
  • Kelly Paxton
11:10-12:00 The Art of Clear Thinking: A Fighter Pilot's Guide to Making Tough Decisions

Do you feel the need for speed? Based on years of experience making high-stakes, split-second decisions as a US Air Force combat pilot and instructor, Hasard Lee will share with the audience how to make clear decisions. You will learn how fighter pilots are taught to make better decisions, cultivate mental toughness and learn information faster, and how those principles can be applied to business and life. You will also learn how to stay mentally resilient in the face of adversity and how almost everything is coachable and correctible if identified early enough – such as attitude, work ethic and instinct.

  • Speakers:
  • Hasard Lee
12:00-2:00 Lunch Break
2:00-2:35 The Human Hacker

Chris Hadnagy is one of the world’s leaders in social engineering. In this interview, Willy Allison chats with Chris about the growing threat of social engineering as a means to swindle businesses and organizations. They’ll discuss what’s been going on over the last few years, why social engineers are so effective and what are the best things we can do to defend ourselves against these types of attacks.

  • Speakers:
  • Christopher Hadnagy
2:45-3:15 Hacking and Rigging Casino Equipment: Not Everyone Can Do It…But Some Can

At the 2023 Black Hat computer security conference, security researchers Joseph Tartaro, Ethan Shackelford and Enrique Nissim from IOActive demonstrated how they could rig a Deckmate 2 shuffle machine. In this interview Willy Allison chats with Joseph Tartaro about their research, what sort of feedback they received from the gaming industry and players, what he learned about cheating and what advice he has for the casino industry.

  • Speakers:
  • Joseph Tartaro
3:25-4:00 Call Them What You Want - They're Con Men!

Persuasion, deception, psychological manipulation. Whatever you want to call it, criminals have learned that if you study human behavior and develop certain skills and techniques, you can exploit people for gain. In this final session of the the day we leave the final word to a world renowned expert in cons and scam – R. Paul Wilson. Willy Allison chats with R. Paul about the evolution of scams, what he’s seeing and hearing out there on the street, his views on the use of technology by scammers and what we need to do to protect ourselves against scams, old and new.

  • Speakers:
  • R Paul Wilson
4:30-5:30 Happy Hour in the Expo

The Expo happy hour is the traditional end of the opening day of the Expo. Join us and network with other conference attendees and end-users, visit the exhibit booths and chat with product experts while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

Happy Hour Co-sponsored by Dallmeier and North American Video

8:00-8:45 Practical Considerations When Opening and Operating a Sports Book

Sports betting is exploding across the world. If your casino is considering opening and operating a sports book what can you expect in today’s environment? In this group discussion, moderated by Thomas Maier, you will learn from key casino executives who have recently been through a successful sports book opening. The group will discuss what needs to be done to work together to establish a top-class operation from the perspective of operations, surveillance and financial auditing. The group will share lessons learned and best practices.

  • Speakers:
  • Thomas Maier
  • Justin Arnett
  • Misty D. Jordan
  • Joshua Hammersley
8:45-9:15 Sports Betting Integrity

Ross Anderson, Senior VP and Head of Partnerships at U.S. Integrity, will highlight the role that game integrity plays with all stakeholders across the sports betting ecosystem (sportsbook operators, sports properties, gaming regulators and consumers). Audience members can expect to understand the concerns of each stakeholder group, what each group does to mediate integrity and reputational risk, and how independent integrity monitoring firms serve the industry. Ross will share real case examples of compromised integrity and the associated consequences from the cases.

  • Speakers:
  • Ross Anderson
9:15-9:30 Take a Breather
9:30-10:40 Current Casino Threats Through the Lens of Surveillance

In the post-pandemic world gambling is booming. People have returned to casinos in record numbers but unfortunately, they’re not all players or customers. A growing number have bad intentions. In this power discussion surveillance executives lead a group discussion on the current threat landscape of casino operations. What are the challenges? What are the solutions?

Questions to be asked:
1. How has the casino threat landscape changed since COVID?
2. What is the biggest challenge in Surveillance at the moment?
3. What are the most critical changes Surveillance must make to face the future effectively?
4. What effect has computer vision technologies made to Surveillance and how would you like to see it developed to assist in game protection, loss prevention and compliance?
5. What is one way Surveillance can make a substantial difference to the organization?

  • Speakers:
  • Jessie Beaudoin
  • David Norcutt
  • Richard O’Donnell
  • Damian Phillips
  • Buddy Frank
10:40-10:45 Presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award

The recipient of the this year’s WGPC Lifetime Achievement Award is Sal Piacente. Sal will be honored at WGPC 2024 for his “outstanding contribution and generous dedication to the casino industry.” 

10:45-11:00 Take a Breather
11:00-12:00 Casinos Share Lessons Learned from Cyber Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise globally and cyber criminal gangs have stepped up their attacks on casinos. In 2023 a record number of casinos in North America had their computer systems attacked, resulting in stolen information and disruption to operations. The problem just got real – the risk has now been escalated onto the radars of casino executives, investors, regulators, vendors, customers and employees around the world. Cyber criminals share information amongst themselves, it’s time for casinos to fight back and do the same thing. In this power discussion representatives from casinos that have been attacked in recent years come together to share valuable insights and lessons learned to help us increase awareness and understand the issues we will deal with when hit with a ransomware attack.

  • Speakers:
  • Kari Stout-Smith
  • Bill Travitz
  • Buddy Frank
  • Renita DiStefano
12:00-2:00 Lunch Break
2:00-3:00 The Top Casino Scam Busts of 2023

2023 was an eventful year for casino cheating scams. It’s safe to say that cheating is back after somewhat of a drop-off during the COVID years. In this interactive session Willy Allison and Bill Zender discuss the cheating busts that made the news around the world (they’ll also talk about some that didn’t make the news). They will breakdown how the scams work and with the help of the audience rank them in terms of impact and ingenuity. The hosts will also examine: What types of scams are trending? What do the 2023 scams have in common? What should casinos do to sharpen their defenses against scammers in 2024?

  • Speakers:
  • Willy Allison
  • Bill Zender
3:00-3:50 AI Will Transform the Gaming Floor and Surveillance

Earle G. Hall is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, futurist, visionary, and innovator in several fields of technology and neuroscience. He is also a casino guy who has a vision for the future of our industry. In this session Earle will leave you with something to think about as he discusses the possibilities and potential of artificial intelligence in our casinos. What could the gaming floor of the future look like? Will it ever be completely cashless? Will it be run by robots? How could AI help casinos with security, compliance and gaming threats? Will casinos need humans to run them?

  • Speakers:
  • Earle G. Hall
3:50-4:00 Closing Remarks: Willy Allison’s 15 Minutes of Flame

How do you sum up the takeaways of a 3 day conference, the events of the last year (not to mention the state of the world) in 15 minutes? You don’t, but it’s the end of the conference and the organizer will do his best.

Program and speakers are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Speakers:
  • Willy Allison


Once a year conference delegates from across the US and around the world connect with the leading manufacturers of casino game protection, surveillance and security products at the WGPC Expo. Delegates visit the Expo to learn more about the latest technology and to interact with product experts and other casino end-users.

The Expo is open on Wednesday from 11am – 6pm and on Thursday from 11am – 4pm. Admission is included with each conference registration. Two-day expo only passes are available for purchase by casino and gaming regulatory staff for $495 each. The WGPC is not open to the general public or to non-exhibiting vendors.

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