Damian Phillips

Surveillance Executive Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Damian Phillips oversees global surveillance operations and projects for Melco Resorts and Entertainment. Over the past three decades, he has been involved in the opening and ongoing successes of integrated resorts in the Asia Pacific and Europe including Macau properties City of Dreams, Studio City, The Venetian and Sands as well as the recently opened City of Dreams Mediterranean in Cyprus. Damian previously held the position of Executive Director of Surveillance overseeing Macau operations for Melco.

In the past few years his role has expanded beyond Macau to provide oversight of operations in Manila and Cyprus while also advising on new projects and technologies. Damian is passionate about the development of surveillance teams, training and technology. His surveillance operators are provided with best-in-class technology platforms including facial recognition, systems integration and centralized facility monitoring. Damian’s focus is now on introducing smart cameras, smart tables and AI driven data analytics to further enhance game protection and performance across the business.

Current Casino Threats Through the Lens of Surveillance
In the post-pandemic world gambling is booming. People have returned to casinos in record numbers but unfortunately, they’re not all players or customers. A growing number have bad intentions. In this power discussion surveillance executives lead a group discussion on the current threat landscape of casino operations. What are the challenges? What are the solutions?

Questions to be asked:
1. How has the casino threat landscape changed since COVID?
2. What is the biggest challenge in Surveillance at the moment?
3. What are the most critical changes Surveillance must make to face the future effectively?
4. What effect has computer vision technologies made to Surveillance and how would you like to see it developed to assist in game protection, loss prevention and compliance?
5. What is one way Surveillance can make a substantial difference to the organization?

Surveillance Executive Melco Resorts & Entertainment