Darrell Clifton

Incident Report Writing

Darrell Clifton has over 33 years of casino/hospitality experience in security and surveillance and has cross-trained in most other departments. Having trained as a General Manager, Darrell has a unique understanding of the entire operation and how business units work together towards the company’s objective. As a security expert Darrell now observes and evaluates the performance and products of those units for litigation, assessments, and training.

Darrell’s book Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tourism Environment is now in its Second Edition and is used as a reference in security management and court cases worldwide. Darrell teaches security and management skills to companies, universities and at industry conferences and writes policy for hospitality and security issues like workplace violence, active shooter, general policies and procedures, firearms, and use of force. A past Chairman of the Northern Nevada Chapter of ASIS and Regional Vice President of ASIS International, Darrell was named by Security magazine as one of their Most Influential People in 2011.

CORE TRAINING: Report Writing
The importance of the written word cannot be overstated. A paragraph in a report can showcase our expertise or it could make us look like amateurs. Those same sentences may be the only memory we have of an incident a year later. They can win or lose a lawsuit, or a termination grievance. Yet, some of us do not take the process seriously or we run away from it in horror.

In this seminar we will show you proven methods to make your documents useful, complete, accurate and professional. Attendees will understand the permanence of their reports, how to prepare for a good report by gathering the right information and how to produce a written product that is simple to read yet provides everything needed to support the company. Whether your documentation includes daily logs, audits, statements, or full-blown incident reports you need to present your information professionally. This class will not only help you produce reports that are above the industry standard, it will give you the tools to help your associates do the same. Whether new to report writing or an experienced veteran everyone will take away some new insight, shortcuts and resources.

Incident Report Writing