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Dr. Eliot Jacobson

Advantage Play Authority

Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D. is a former professor of mathematics and a retired consultant to the casino industry. Dr. Jacobson’s work in the industry was broad and included the mathematical analysis of slots, video poker and casino table games, auditing online casino software, marketing and advantage play.

Dr. Jacobson is the author of three gambling books. His last book Advanced Advantage Play details over 150 legal methods to beat casino games, side bets and promotions. Prior to his retirement, he was a frequent conference speaker and conducted trainings on gaming mathematics and advantage play internationally. Dr. Jacobson is the recipient of the 2022 WGPC  Lifetime Achievement Award. 



CORE TRAINING: Advanced Advantage Play

In a broad overview of advantage play, Dr. Jacobson will cover a range of methods APs are using to gain an edge over blackjack, baccarat, proprietary games and side bets. Covering methods like hole-carding, edge sorting, counting, sequencing, skilled cutting, top-carding, collusion and others, Dr. Jacobson will present up-to-date win-rates and strategies.

Drawing from his personal experience as an AP, Dr. Jacobson will share secrets APs use to maximize their winnings. Most importantly, Dr. Jacobson will cover what you need to know to identify APs using these methods and procedures to put in place to protect your casino against these vulnerabilities.

Advantage Play Authority