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George Joseph

Game Protection Expert

George Joseph is an old school authority on casino game protection. Before becoming a consultant and trainer he served as Director of Surveillance for Bally’s, Paris, the Aladdin and the Dunes casinos in Las Vegas.

George has been instrumental in uncovering many of the biggest casino scams in the gaming industry and has been a consulting investigator and expert witness in countless casino cheating prosecutions for over 30 years He regularly conducts game protection training for casino and surveillance personnel as well as gaming commissions and law enforcement. He is often seen on national and cable TV specials which feature casino cheating.

George served for 10 years on the Board of Directors and Ethics Committees of the Nevada Polygraph Association and holds several gaming and vendor licenses industry wide. George is a recipient of the WGPC Lifetime Achievement Award.



Lessons Learned Since the Introduction of ETGs
In a survey at last years WGPC 86% of participants said they did not know enough about Electronic Table Games to protect them and 94% said they had not received good support and information from manufacturers. With little training or guidance on how best to protect these new games, the ETGs are falling victim to never-before-seen cheating scams. Casino operators – it’s time to take charge. What have we learned since these flashy alien ships from far far away started space invading our casinos?

In this discussion a panel of experts talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of electronic table games and analyze the reasons why they have become targets for cheats. Through a game protection lens panelists will share advice on how to best protect these mysterious and proprietary “games of the future.”

Game Protection Expert