Jessie Beaudoin

Surveillance Executive San Manuel TGC at Yaamava Resort & Casino

Jessie Beaudoin is the Vice President of Surveillance and Game Protection for the San Manuel Tribal Gaming Commission at Yaamava Resort & Casino. Jessie has over 22 years of casino surveillance and hospitality experience with 19+ years in surveillance and security management. His surveillance career began in southern California at the Bicycle Club in early 2001 after five-years in the US Army. Jessie later relocated to Las Vegas and began working for American Casino and Entertainment Properties where he went on to head Surveillance at two of their properties – Arizona Charlie’s and the Stratosphere. After leaving the Stratosphere, he headed Security, Surveillance, Risk Management and Safety as an executive director at several other Las Vegas properties including the Hard Rock, the Palms and the Downtown Grand. In 2015, Jessie moved to California to join the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians where he has been ever since. 

Jessie loves all aspects of security and surveillance but specializes in game protection and detecting internal theft and fraud. He is a Certified Protection Officer and Certified Surveillance Professional and holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and associate’s degrees in criminal justice and in business & technology. Jessie is currently attending the University of Southern California pursuing his master’s degree in business administration. 

Current Casino Threats Through the Lens of Surveillance
In the post-pandemic world gambling is booming. People have returned to casinos in record numbers but unfortunately, they’re not all players or customers. A growing number have bad intentions. In this power discussion surveillance executives lead a group discussion on the current threat landscape of casino operations. What are the challenges? What are the solutions?

Questions to be asked:
1. How has the casino threat landscape changed since COVID?
2. What is the biggest challenge in Surveillance at the moment?
3. What are the most critical changes Surveillance must make to face the future effectively?
4. What effect has computer vision technologies made to Surveillance and how would you like to see it developed to assist in game protection, loss prevention and compliance?
5. What is one way Surveillance can make a substantial difference to the organization?

Surveillance Executive San Manuel TGC at Yaamava Resort & Casino