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Mac Segal

Hotel Security Expert CEO at AHNA Group

Mac Segal is the Founder & CEO of AHNA Group. AHNA is the culmination of 30 years of operational, training and consulting experience in the security industry. Specializing in mitigation, containment and control of a myriad of threats from terror and criminal threats to natural disasters and public safety, Mac brings real world knowledge and expertise to all facets of his performance.

As a hospitality and fixed asset Subject Matter Expert (SME), Mac conducts security assessments and designs comprehensive security plans for hotels, event and conference centres, corporate headquarters, production facilities, and critical infrastructure around the world. He has published many articles on hotel and general security and is a regular speaker at security conferences internationally as well as SME to governments, major television, and print news outlets.

Mac leads training programs in hotel security, event and hospitality security, security awareness and suspicious indicator identification, emergency response procedures, counterterrorism, covert close protection and surveillance detection.

Born in South Africa, Mac has served in two militaries as well as government service and has lived in Africa, Europe and the Middle East whilst operating around the globe.

CORE TRAINING: Hotel Security
There is no one size fits all solution to hotel security. A comprehensive yet implementable security structure for an integrated entertainment resort complex is multi-faceted and requires creative thinking to achieve hospitality friendly yet effective security. 

Mac will delve into the various segments that make up hotel security and how they work together symbiotically to keep your guests, teams and assets safe. From simple fixes that are so easy to do but so many don’t implement to high tech solutions and the human element, we will address topics including but not  limited to:

  • threat landscape
  • security audits and master plans
  • current trends
  • what works and what doesn’t
  • preparing for emergencies
  • policies & procedures
  • training
Hotel Security Expert CEO at AHNA Group