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Megan Munoz

OSINT Analyst/Instructor The Hetherington Group

Megan Munoz is a highly accomplished senior intelligence analyst, program manager, master instructor, and military veteran. She is an all-source analyst and instructor specializing in homeland security, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, radicalization, and intelligence analysis.

Megan has worked for the United States Air Force and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness managing a training academy that instructed in the tradecraft of intelligence for law-enforcement, first responders and intelligence analysts across the region. Megan is a graduate level adjunct professor, doctoral student and Director of Education for the Hetherington Group, 


Module 1: Online Investigations and Open Source Primer
Every investigation involves, at some level, social media, and open source examinations. This introductory module examines the different types of open source and social media platforms and the language of this unique investigative world. In this introductory hands-on course, participants will learn the types, differences, and jargon of open source investigations. During the training, you will conduct open source research, driven by a case study. Upon completion, participants will be able to navigate the Internet and social media platforms for rudimentary online investigations as well as use time and resources more efficiently.

Module 2: Utilizing Advanced Google Searches
The ability to uncover information on the Internet is the primary skill of an investigator. The go-to resource for many is Google, yet not everyone knows how to utilize its full potential. This class expands your general knowledge of the search engine, making difficult searches more effective. In this intermediate to advanced hands-on class, participants will learn how to maximize Google searches, as we cover the basics, the hacks, and extra Google resources to create proper search strategies and run advanced Internet searches. Participants will also learn the expert tools of this common search application to make difficult searches more effective. Upon completion, participants will be able to hunt down deep web content, conduct advanced search strategies on Google, Bing, and other search engines, and use algorithms for surface finds and open source results

OSINT Analyst/Instructor The Hetherington Group