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Sal Piacente

Cheating Expert

Sal Piacente is a cheating expert. His interest in con games and scams began on the Brooklyn streets at a young age when his father taught him to protect himself from Three-card Monte hustlers. Sal started his casino career as a blackjack dealer, progressing to shift manager before becoming a game protection specialist in a position created especially for him by an international casino corporation.

Sal parlayed his experience, skills, passion and knowledge of the various ways to cheat into a successful consulting and training business. He has demonstrated his amazing manual dexterity on a number of television shows, authored several books and created and starred in his own DVDs. With an engaging and entertaining delivery style, Sal is often called upon to speak and lecture on casino scams and game protection around the world.

The Sal Report

Sal Piacente is one of the most sought after game protection trainers in the world. Always on the road, he sees a lot in his travels. In this special lunchtime session Sal talks and demonstrates things he’s seen recently that are interesting and maybe a little concerning from a game protection standpoint. Sal will give you the skinny on the latest scams he’s seen. Spoiler Alert: Pitch games and Roll to Win Craps make an appearance in this year’s Sal Report.

Cheating Expert