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Willy Allison

Casino Riskologist Managing Director, World Game Protection

Willy Allison is the Managing Director of World Game Protection and a trusted voice in the casino protection community. Willy got his start in the business 36 years ago as a surveillance operator in Australia. His operations career progressed into various surveillance management roles in Australia, Asia, South America and the US which allowed him the opportunity to gain valuable international and multi-jurisdictional experience.

Willy has published online game protection newsletters since 2005 and written numerous articles for the casino industry. In 2006 he created and launched the World Game Protection Conference (WGPC), the industry’s first conference and expo dedicated to casino surveillance and game protection professionals. Willy is a researcher and information sharer with a strong commitment to lifelong learning.

CORE TRAINING: Table Games Protection
If you want to know the secret of how to make yourself a lesser target for cheats, thieves and advantage players, quite frankly it’s easy – good management. This class is a 3 hour summary (from a veteran surveillance professional perspective) of the most common ways people have cheated, stolen and beaten casino table games over the last twenty years and what we have learned to better safeguard our games. Spoiler alert: he believes prevention is better than cure.

Willy Allison doesn’t pull any rabbits in this class. He breaks it down to the brass tacks of protecting table games. You will learn the biggest threat to the game is your own staff. You’ll see videos of common cheating methods as well as multi-million dollar scams. Other topics covered include: collusion, employee theft, advantage play, counterfeit chips, faulty equipment, flawed math and the use of computers to cheat the game.

A knowledgeable surveillance professional with strong leadership skills and the ability to manage an efficient high-performance department is an asset to any casino organization. But how does one become a good Surveillance Director? How does one set up a surveillance operation that casino executives can rely on and brag about?

This class taught by 36 year casino surveillance veteran Willy Allison explores his Four Pillars of Surveillancepeople, operations, communication and information. Breaking each pillar down, detailing specific practices, students will learn how to take a structured approach to organizing and maintaining an efficient high performance operation. Topics covered include: recruitment, training, performance management, leadership, surveillance equipment, information systems, monitor room procedures, new technologies, effective communication, customer service and global best practices.

Closing Remarks: Willy Allison’s 15 Minutes of Flame
How do you sum up the takeaways of a 3 day conference, the events of the last year (not to mention the state of the world) in 15 minutes? You don’t. You take at least 30 minutes, maybe longer.



Casino Riskologist Managing Director, World Game Protection