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A great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet valuable industry leaders and contacts. The networking event of the conference open to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Drinks and light refreshments served.

Host and organizer Willy Allison welcomes conference delegates to WGPC 2019 with a summary of significant game protection and security related events that have taken place in the casino industry over the past year.

While serial killers and mass shootings grab the headlines, most of the harm caused by dangerous individuals is rarely reported. Based on his years of research as a founding member of the FBI’s elite National Security Division Behavioral Analysis Program, Mr. Navarro reveals the four personality types that cause the most harm to society both at home and in the workplace.

By closely examining the behavioral characteristics of these four personality types, security, surveillance, law enforcement, management, and HR personnel will be better equipped to identify these toxic individuals before they cause harm. The presentation is designed to not just shorten the time it takes to identify these individuals but also to implement effective strategies to minimize their ability to victimize others.

When adversity hits your casino are your CCTV video surveillance recordings a reliable representation of the events? Are you confident in using the video recordings as evidence for investigative purposes? What do you do when the events captured by these systems may not be as reliable as they naturally occurred? This is where video forensics can assist investigators in accurately analyzing the events as they occurred.

In this two-part session you will learn about the intersection of scientific analysis and the role that video can play in an investigation.

Part 1 (50 min): Edward Primeau will discuss the digital media forensic industry, the role of a digital media expert witness in court, the role video evidence plays in court, as well as share case studies from his 35-year practice.

Part 2 (50 min): Michael Primeau will present best practices, scientific methodology, effective CCTV system installation, preventative maintenance and quality standards.

You may have heard or read about some of the most recent scams on baccarat and blackjack, but did you know most of them have happened before and they could have been prevented? In his usual fun but informative style, Sal Piacente demonstrates the cheat moves that keep happening and reminds us that in this industry procedure is everything. In order to cheat, a procedure usually has to be broken.

It’s really quite simple. Casinos turning a blind eye to the government’s anti money laundering (AML) laws and regulations will face serious consequences and large fines. In this session two leading experts in AML laws and regulations in the U.S. will lay down the facts in black and white terms and explain how surveillance has a large role to play in compliance. The experts will also discuss how analytics is playing a big role in helping casinos comply with AML laws and regulations.

At the end of the session the two experts will be joined by Bill Zender, recently appointed General Manager of a casino that was fined $5M last year for AML violations. Bill will head a case study panel discussion on lessons learned and how his casino is moving forward.

Spoiler Alert: Cheats off the table are costing casinos more than cheats on the table. With today’s ambulance chasing attorneys always looking to capitalize on a David vs. Goliath scenario, casinos are always a target for scam artists who are looking to make a quick buck. In this session a surveillance director will explain how his team plays an active role in reducing risks in the casino and works closely with the risk management team to conduct thorough investigations to assist in defending against law suits and claims. You will learn how his department conducts regular audits, inspections and targeted surveillance on areas of the casino. You will also learn about some of the common tricks from used by the best actors in the industry and other threats from the liability standpoint.

Oklahoma introduced roulette and craps this year. Arizona is thinking about it. Like any new game introduced to the floor, casino supervisors and surveillance must be trained and aware of threats to the game. If you haven’t received thorough training (or feel like a brush-up) you’re in luck. One of the world’s leading game protection authorities with 40 years experience in the game will break down the basics for protecting your games against cheating and other common threats.

Casinos are holding more big events that attract lots of people, some with violent intentions. In this session a security expert who trained in Israel and is the creator of Suspicion Indicators Recognition and Assessment (SIRA), a proactive behavior threat detection system, will talk about proactive methods of detecting potentially dangerous people. The presenter, who has provided security services for the Mall of America and the Super Bowl, will provide an overview of a highly-effective security method designed to deter, detect and stop perpetrators of mass violence before an attack.

Many casinos have reduced floor supervisor levels to cut costs. At the same time management is adding new games to the floor. The result is often floor supervisors and surveillance staff are left with more games to watch that they have never dealt or don’t fully understand. In this session a casino game protection veteran will guide floor supervisors and surveillance people who have never dealt the games they are paid to watch, through critical dealing procedures, game protection issues and advantage plays for various popular games.

This presentation was the largest attended break-out session at last year’s WGPC. In case you missed it we decided to bring it back for an encore and update. Electronic Table Games are becoming a crowd favorite and are taking up an increasing amount of space on casino floors. Bill Zender will explain how some of the more popular electronic table games work and offer advice on how to protect them from cheats, thieves and advantage players. You will hear about vulnerabilities that have been exploited recently and Bill will then give us an update on any scams he has heard about since last year.

London’s Metropolitan Police has deployed super-recognizers with extraordinary face recognition ability to identify 1000s of suspects. Proven examples include viewing CCTV footage to spot wanted criminals within Notting Hill Carnival’s 1 million plus crowds, searching through 1,000s of hours of footage to map the movements of missing persons and recently identifying the Russian spies involved in the infamous Novichok case. Many of these super recognizers were first identified by the University of Greenwich’s super recognition test battery. This presentation will discuss some of these cases, the scientific research into their ability and how super-recognizers might best be employed within the casino industry.

Program subject to change.

What would you do if I told you that your casino was going to be hit by a gang of criminals in 1-3 years? Would you protect yourselves if you were shown the tools and techniques which were going to be used before they did it? We live in a world where physical security and digital security are blending together. The next big casino theft will not be done by smash and grab criminals, but by those criminals who will use your holy grail against you. You will see why you can’t trust your video feeds, why your RFID player chips could be lying to you, how your mechanical locking systems are defeated with a cell phone camera and a file, and how your players themselves can be exploited in seconds. These are the attacks all casinos will face in the future. You just get to see them live today.

What do the most successful casinos in the world have in common? They have strong asset protection teams. The key word is team. Teamwork within a department. Teamwork within the organization.

In this 2-hour session you will hear from surveillance and security leaders from three of the most successful casinos in the world: Marina Bay Sands, Okada Manila and Pechanga. They will share with you the practices they employ to protect their casinos including the use of specialized units, analysts, investigators, emergency response teams, K9 teams and robots. All three may have adopted different techniques to protect casinos but they all have one thing in common – they believe in teamwork.

Featured Presenters:

Tony Stone: VP Surveillance, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Robert Krauss: VP of Public Safety, Pechanga Resort Casino, CA

Mike Waite: VP Security and Surveillance, Okada Manila, Philippines

On June 22, 2016, the NHL approved an expansion bid for a new professional hockey team to become the first major professional sports franchise based in Las Vegas. The team would begin play in the 2017/2018 season. After a record-breaking inaugural season the Vegas Golden Knights, against 500-1 odds at the start of the season, were playing in the Stanley Cup Final.

In this keynote presentation Kerry Bubolz, the President of the Vegas Golden Knights, tells how a winning team was created from scratch and how their team became one of the biggest success stories of 2018.

Session moderator Willy Allison and the panel will attempt to gain a feel for how the casino business has changed and where the role of surveillance is going. Topics will include:

  • What has changed?
  • What are the current challenges for Surveillance?
  • What should Surveillance’s priorities be?
  • Where does game protection rate as a priority?
  • What can Surveillance do to help their organization more?
  • What are the current and future opportunities for Surveillance?
Imagine how valuable it would be for you to get confidential advice and support from your industry peers on a current challenge you’re facing. The Solution Room is a powerful interactive 90-minute session where you’ll meet and connect with new peers around your most pressing professional problems. The session will be moderated by Adrian Segar, the author of the book Conferences That Work – Creating Events That People Love.

Program subject to change.

The Expo brings together the casino industry’s leading manufacturers of surveillance and security products. WGPC delegates meet in the expo to learn more about the latest technology and interact with other end-users, vendor reps and technical experts.

Emerging smart technologies like video analytics and machine-learning software are game changers. The way we monitor and manage casinos is on the cusp of a technological revolution. But enough of the buzz words. What can this technology do for us today and where is it all going? In this breakfast session, CEOs of three innovative technology companies talk about products that are changing the way we monitor and manage casinos. The technology is evolving before our very eyes.

The Gaming Knowledge and Skills Test/Casino Challenge is a self assessment and competition that tests knowledge and skills of the big four casino games: blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps. The challenge is a 3-minute electronic quiz consisting of 20 randomly generated questions. The test is administered one-on-one in a closed off area in the Expo. All participants who pass the test receive a Certificate of Achievement and the top 8 scores qualify for the Casino Challenge Final 8. To learn more go to Competitions.

Birds of a Feather Breakaway Meetings offer delegates and exhibitors the opportunity to facilitate and organize groups of people with a common interest to network and discuss issues. Delegates simply post a message on the WGPC Graffiti Board requesting a meeting date/time/place for a specific reason. This is a great way for delegates to connect with people that share the same job description, challenges and ideas on specific topics.

Vendors give short and sharp 10 minute product presentations on stage in the Expo meeting room. Check Graffiti Boards for schedule.

Session moderator Willy Allison and the panel will discuss ideas and thoughts on what (and why) they would like to see new technologies developed to help protect gaming, people and assets. Delegates are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. Topics will include:

  • Gaming video analytics
  • Security video analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Camera technology
  • Dashboards and alert systems
  • Artificial intelligence

The Catch of the Day is a new competition that recognizes great work by a casino surveillance team catching a scam. To learn more go to Competitions. A representative of the surveillance team who submitted the scam will give a 10 minute presentation in a meeting room. Check Graffiti Boards for presentation schedule.

A chance to meet some of the presenters from the last 3 days and ask questions in a smaller setting. Check the Graffiti Boards for scheduled times and meeting rooms.

Robert Asiel, author of the Unexpected Gambler: A History of Casinos Cheating the Public and One Gambler’s Revenge, will be signing copies of his book and taking questions from the audience.

Participants of the Gaming Knowledge Test/Casino Challenge who post the 8 best scores are eligible to compete in the Final 8 competition. Conference delegates are welcome to attend the competition and cheer along the competitors in the Expo meeting room. The format of the Final 8 will be a knock-out playoff system, 8-4-2-1. All qualifiers for the Final 8 will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and the winner of the competition will be crowned the 2019 Casino Challenge Champion. To learn more go to Competitions.

Program subject to change.

WGPC 2019 Program at Glance

We suggest you review some of the conference lingo described at the bottom of this page. View the show guide at show site to confirm final schedule.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019Registration Hours: 12pm-4pm 6pm-9pm
12:00pm-4:00pmEarly Registration
6:00pm-9:00pmWelcome Reception
Monday, March 4, 2019Registration Hours: 7am-5pm
9:00am-9:50amThreats That Surfaced in 2018
10:00am-11:50amProtecting Ourselves From Dangerous Personalities
12:00pm-1:00pmLunch On Your Own
1:00pm-2:50pmVideo Forensics in The Gaming Industry
1:00pm-2:50pmThe Costly Effect of Breaking Baccarat & Blackjack Procedures
1:00pm-2:50pmTurn a Blind Eye to Money Laundering And You Are in Trouble
3:00pm-3:50pmHow Surveillance Can Reduce Risk and Save Casinos Millions
3:00pm-3:50pmIf You Just Introduced Roulette and Craps, Here’s What You Need to Know
3:00pm-3:50pmUsing Behavioral Threat Detection to Protect Events
4:00pm-4:50pmHow to Watch a Game You Never Dealt
4:00pm-4:50pmElectronic Table Games: A Different Mindset Needed (Part 2)
4:00pm-4:50pmSuper Recognizers: Humans with Extraordinary Face Recognition Ability
Tuesday, March 5, 2019Registration Hours: 7am-5pm
9:00am-9:50amThreats Of Tomorrow Demonstrated Today
10:00am-12:00pmCreating Special Teams to Protect Casinos
12:00pm-1:00pmLunch On Your Own
1:00pm-1:50pmThe Unlikely Story of the Vegas Golden Knights
2:00pm-3:00pmDiscussion: The Future of Game Protection and the Role of Surveillance
3:30pm-5:00pmThe Solution Room
Wednesday, March 6, 2019Registration Hours: 7am-5pm
8:00am-6:00pmTechnology Expo
8:00am-9:00amBreakfast in the Expo
8:30am-9:30amBreakfast Presentation: Casino Video Analytics and AI - Now and the Future
9:30am-1:15pmGaming Knowledge & Skills Test / Casino Challenge Qualifying
9:30am-4:00pmBirds of a Feather Breakout Meetings
10:00am-12:00pmVendor Lightning Talks
12:00pm-1:00pmLunch in the Expo
12:15pm-1:15pmDiscussion: 2020 Game Protection Technology Wishlist
1:30pm-3:30pmPresenter Speakeasys
1:30pm-2:15pmRobert Asiel Book Signing and Speakeasy
1:30pm-3:30pmCatch of the Day Presentations
4:00pm-5:00pmCasino Challenge Final 8
5:00pm-6:00pmHappy Hour and Closing Announcements

Conference Lingo

The Solution Room: A powerful general session lasting 90 minutes that not only engages and connects attendees, but also provides peer-supported advice on their most pressing problems.

Gaming Knowledge and Skills Test / Casino Challenge Qualifying: A self-assessment in the form of a 3 minute electronic quiz. All participants that pass the test receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Birds of a Feather Breakout Meetings: Groups of people with a common interest or area of expertise informally getting together to network and discuss topics of interest.

Vendor Lightning Talks: Vendors give short and sharp 10 minute product presentations on stage in the Expo meeting room.

Catch of the Day Presentations: The Catch of the Day is a competition that recognizes great work by a casino surveillance team catching a scam.

Presenter Speak-Easy Sessions: A chance to meet some of the presenters from the last 3 days and ask questions in a smaller setting.

Casino Challenge Final 8: The Casino Challenge is a knowledge and skills competition testing the big four casino games: blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps.

Program subject to change.